How not to go broke on indoor flowers: 12 tips, Guidelines for those who have decided to green the apartment pt.2

This is a detailed guide on how to cultivate indoor plants without breaking the bank. It provides 12 useful tips that cover aspects such as asking friends for plant cuttings, propagating plants from cuttings, saving money on pots, providing proper care, creating your own soil, and creating fertilizer from food waste. It offers a wealth of knowledge for both beginners and seasoned indoor gardeners.


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I also decided that a few flowers on the windowsill were not enough for me - I needed more greenery on all the shelves.

A trip to the store brought me to my senses: the plants I liked cost 5$-30$ a piece, and they still needed pots and soil. I'm not ready to spend tens of thousands on flowers, so I figured out how to save money - I share my methods in this article.


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How to properly water indoor flowers: 9 main rules A checklist for the beginner

People often worry about their flowers withering during their vacation, but overwatering them can be even more detrimental.

We've previously shared tips from our readers on how to manage the watering of indoor plants while on vacation. However, from personal experience, I've only had one plant wither but lost a dozen due to improper watering. I failed to consider factors such as the time of day, season, and the use of tap water. Now, I know how to water plants properly.


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