Tower For Wind Turbine – Tilt Tower Ebook

Tower For Wind Turbine - Tilt Tower EbookBUY NOW!!! -

It is constructed of 2 lengths of “Box” steel inserted inside of each other. You can tilt the tower down to work on your antenna or wind turbine at about 4’off the ground. You then would tilt it up using the hand winch. The tower would then be at 25’. You then could crank it up to 50’. The beauty of this is you only need 20’ of room when it is tilted over. You can install it in your urban back yard if you wish.

To save shipping costs of these towers, we are providing the option of purchasing the prints so you can build your own tower. This plan contains self-explanatory prints only. There are no written step-by-step instructions. The prints are easy to follow and anybody with some “do it yourself” experience could easily build it. Of course, if you are planning to build it yourself and have any doubts, make sure you use common sense and the help of a competent Engineer or Welder. Extreme caution must be used when erecting it.
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TFT Residential Products

TFT Residential ProductsBUY NOW!!! -

Here’s our selection of must have home repair and improvement training modules. Each one is instantly available for immediate download following your purchase through a secure server, even at 3AM on Sunday.

How to Fix Everything But People is the course above with a separate manual for setting up, running and expanding a handyman business yourself. Purchase of this course also entitles you to 50% off on future releases. I will also be happy to give you personal guidance on setting up and running your business, e-mail for more info on that subject. Click to learn more.
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Save Me From The Spiders | afraid of spiders

Save Me From The SpidersBUY NOW!!! -

I hate spiders and this is what I did about it… “I went from getting three spiders a week in my house to getting just two in the last year!”

Learn The Most Effective Ways To Prevent Spiders Getting Anywhere Near You Inside My Exclusive Book.
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10 Steps to Remodeling Success

10 Steps to Remodeling SuccessBUY NOW!!! -

As I am sure, you have read and heard all the horror stories about unsuspecting homeowners being taken advantage of by unscrupulous contractors.

With this easy to follow plan, you will arm yourself with all the information needed to be in charge of the process instead of becoming just another victim.
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Prosperity Plans eBook

Prosperity Plans eBookBUY NOW!!! -

Has today’s economy made you put off your dreams of a new home? The new book, Prosperity Plans, might get you dreaming again.

Prosperity Plans - A complete reprint of the 1935 booklet, Farmhouse Plans, by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, with forty small house designs, in a twenty-first century edition with Internet sources of working drawings and construction details
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How To Make Modern Stained Glass Windows For Fun & Profit!

How To Make Modern Stained Glass Windows For Fun & Profit!BUY NOW!!! -

What was once just another ordinary window opening can now be a jaw-dropping work of art. Today homeowners are replacing ordinary windows with museum-quality artwork made of colored glass and shiny metal art that is breathtaking to look at as the light that passes through them changes throughout the day.

For more than 123 years, the same stained glass factory that made art glass for Louis Comfort Tiffany for his now famous stained windows and lamps still manufacturers hundreds of brilliant colors of art glass today… right here in the heartland of America, in Kokomo, Indiana. (The Kokomo Opalescent Glass Factory). Dozens of manufacturers still exist today and they make art glass that’s more amazing than ever!
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Pool School – Fiberglass Pool Education

Pool School - Fiberglass Pool EducationBUY NOW!!! -

Are you tired of trying to figure out which fiberlgass pool and what pool options are the best for you and your family?

Welcome to PoolSchool, the ultimate fiberglass swimming pool educational experience! You have come to a website unlike any other on the web.
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Ebooks Available – Organise My House

Ebooks Available - Organise My HouseBUY NOW!!! -

Hi and welcome to the ebook page – where you can find all the ebooks published by Organise My House (and any others that I rate highly!)

I hope that amongst them you find help with whatever your organising dilemma is currently – and I really look forward to hearing your feedback on any that you buy (or any you wish to see written!)
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How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches

How To Get Rid Of CockroachesBUY NOW!!! -

“I thank you for creating this e-book. I had the basic tools, but I did not have the knowledge on how to use them correctly until I read your e-book. Thank you for your hard work!”

“I’m enjoying your book now! I found your book short & easy to read. I live in an apartment, and had seen 4 or so Oriental roaches (guess they were, I took a few nymphs to an entomologist). I was concerned about infestation, and since the apartment management isn’t having their pest guy here until April, I wanted to take some action. In an apartment building, who knows when someone will bring some in. Thanks for your information–those of us who can’t bear living with roaches really appreciate it.”
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