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Sacred Geometry Gardening

Sacred Geometry GardeningBUY NOW!!! -

Since the beginning of time, sacred geometry has been woven into the fabric of all creation. Sacred geometry represents geometric patterns and mathematical ratios that correspond to sacred architecture, art, music, cosmology, etc. Because these patterns, ratios, and proportions are intricately connected with Divine Creation, they bring an added sense of peace and harmony to any area that is created using these principles. Greater insight & clarity is oftentimes achieved along with an overall sense of balance and harmony.

The act of gardening, by its very nature, is one of nurturing and growth. The sacred geometric patterns that can be created in your garden can create a conduit to a higher level of consciousness as you tend, nurture and feed your garden, which is actually a form of meditation.
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Home Staging – Sell Your Home – Terry Haas

Home Staging - Sell Your Home - Terry HaasBUY NOW!!! -

The irresistible house system will take you step by step through each section of your house using the Make Every Buyer Want Your House EBook, with highlights, secrets, and cheap tricks to make your house the one every buyer wants!

“We love this book! Thank you for your humor—you take a sensitive subject and make it fun and motivating. The checklist and notebook were the perfect tools we needed to get our house in shape and ready to sell.” Bruce and Jill H. – Yuma, AZ
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